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This Week In Thoroughbred Racing
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This is an eleven page website designed for sportswriter and thoroughbred racing expert C.N. Richardson. Because this is a content heavy site, we created an atmosphere that showcases Richardson’s words without distracting the reader with complex navigation or gimmicks. Racing colors were used to accent the vast array of photography and historical analysis.  An original logo was created for the banner. Atomic Pop Monkey assisted with the site build.

“Riot Structure is able to make your company become a strong presence on the internet by providing creativity along with consultancy throughout all phases of your internet launch. Whether you are looking to introduce your company to a wider audience, expanding a product line, or creating a new product line, Riot
Structure could carry your company through startup and continue with maintenance. The right site will allow your company to increase visibility, both in terms of sales and investment.”

- C.N. Richardson

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