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Anna Waronker
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Anna Waronker – California Fade LP + EP.

The California Fade LP + EP is a double record, gatefold album. Full color inner sleeves with lyric and photo layouts are also included in the package. This is a limited release of 500 copies on our own imprint, courtesy of Five Foot Two Records. Riot Structure also wrote a biography and press release in support of the album on behalf of Five Foot Two Records and Firefly Media.

annawaronker.com is a 12-page site with original background photography by Riot Structure. We incorporated elements of Anna’s living and workspaces to add a more personal feel. In turn, the design elements of the photography influenced the color scheme. We came to the conclusion that Anna’s main “artist site” should maintain a consistent aesthetic and stay up-to-date with all of her many projects (performing, composing, scoring, etc.). Therefore, we decided to have a dedicated “microsite” for her album, California Fade. The microsite delivers a more direct storefront element for her fans.

Atomic Pop Monkey assisted with the build.

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